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Chef Maiki's Holiday Goose Dinner Pop-Up!
Toasted Baguette
goose pan drippings

Mixed Radish & Avocado Salad
goat cheese, pistachios, butter lettuce,
pickled red onion, tarragon vinaigrette

Fresh Pear & Stilton Salad
pomegranate, pecans, endive,
arugula, sherry vinaigrette

Grilled Mooloolaba Prawn
chili butter, lemon, napa cabbage & herb slaw,
tamarind-lime dressing

Kabocha Squash Ravioli
hen of the woods mushroom, sage,
brown butter, carrot puree,

Ricotta Gnudi & Giblet Confit
poultry gizzards, hearts & livers,
roasted garlic cream sauce, parsley

Vegan Bolognese
gnocchetti pasta, ground porcini,
tomato, nutmeg, basil, fennel pollen,
vegan parmesan

Pan-Seared Scottish Salmon
curried beluga lentils, baby spinach,
coriander yogurt sauce

Braised Bone-In Lamb Shoulder Blanquette
celery, leeks, heirloom potatoes

New Zealand Elk Rib Chop
spaetzle, brussels sprouts, north country bacon,
whole grain mustard sauce

Roast Whetstone Valley Goose
savory chestnut & mushroom bread pudding,
au jus, cranberry compote

Sticky Toffee Pudding
vanilla bean ice cream,
brown butter toffee sauce

salted caramel ice cream, whipped cream,
chocolate fudge sauce

Ice Cream and Sorbet
assorted flavors of McConnell's Fine Ice Creams
and Villa Dolce sorbets
$5/$4 per scoop
Sommelier: ~
Executive Chef: Chef Maiki Le